Nautilus LT, an international employment agency, has been in the labor market for over 20 years.

Our goal

Is to ensure maximum employer's comfort, taking on all the difficulties of recruiting in both bureaucratic and professional selection issues.

Our main principles

- comprehensive service
- reliability
- stability
- individual and human-oriented approach

We do not just select personnel, but take on all the employer chores in recruiting.
We honor both the letter and spirit of the law of each country we work with, and closely monitor changes in migration and labor laws.

Different from others

Recruiters of Nautilus LT are experienced recruiting specialists who took a specially developed course in the psychology of recruiting and mastered the technique of defining the candidate’s psychotype. This approach to work saves time and effort by effectively building communication with applicants. 
This allows our recruiters to quickly find the right candidates, define the level of their motivation, thereby reducing the employer's risks in the qualifications and responsibilities of the employee.

It is comfortable with us

and here is why

Simplification of the employment process

We have skills and sources to find qualified experts and non academic specialists. Our team makes everything, from personnel's seeking and helping with selecting the right candidates, to the paperwork according to the specifics of your country's labour law.


The pedantic observance of all legislative aspects is one of the main principles of our work, which allows us to maintain a spotless reputation in the international labor market for more than five years.

Reduction of costs for recruiting and registration of cooperation

There is no need to give extra tasks to your staff member who is not an expert in recruitment.

Having received new personnel, you can take new orders and increase profits

With a confidence that you already have hired people who are ready to perform necessary tasks, you can freely focus on signing new contracts and your business strategy realization.

Responsibility for signed agreements compliance

Towards responsibility and time frames our approach is rather conservative: we always do what we promised, agreed and signed with our partners.